K2 Incense Side Effects

K2 Incense Side Effects

What are K2 Incense Side effects? Well first let’s discuss the effects of actual cannabis.Constant use of marijuana can cause impaired coordination, difficulty in problem solving and short term memory loss as well. Smoking marijuana also causes increased heart rates and lung irritation, similar to the effects of smoking tobacco. Smoking marijuana can also lead to respiratory complications, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and paranoia.

It has been noted that K2 and similar products can be more dangerous than marijuana when used improperly. There have also been reports that K2 and other herbal smoke blends are much more potent than average marijuana. The reason that K2 is considered to more dangerous than marijuana is because the active synthetic cannabinoids travel from the lungs to the bloodstream faster than THC. These compounds are then carried to various other parts of your body.  

If you are a parent, there are some questions that you should ask your child about them smoking K2. The K2 herbal smoke blends and various other similar products have more serious effects than cannabis. These synthetic marijuana incense blends have grown in popularity because they are as easy to purchase as a pack of candy. These herbal incense blends are being sold to teens and others with not restrictions. If you’re really concerned about the K2 incense side effects, listed below are some questions that you should find answers to.

What are short term and long term effects of K2? Will K2 use lead to more intense drug usage? The long term side effects of smoking K2 herbal smoke blends has not yet been discerned but smoking anything will cause damage to your body eventually.

Many users want to know if these and related products will show up in a drug screening. This is a very important question since drug tests are pretty much mandatory with every employer. As of now, these synthetic cannabinoids do not test positive in standard drug tests but there are other drug screening kits that spot the metabolites from these compounds in urine.
To sum it all up, it is too soon to clearly note any long term effects that these products will have on the human body. There has been evidence to back the fact that these compounds might be detrimental to your health, so use these products in moderation.

K2 Incense Symptoms

K2 Incense Symptoms

Have you heard about the new fad that is sweeping local smoke shops and internet smoke shops? This fairly new product is known by the name of K2 incense and if you have no clue what this herbal incense blend is, allow me to enlighten you. This herbal blend is a unique mixture of botanicals and plants which is selling out of smoke shops, internet providers, and other retailers nationwide.

These K2 incense products are not new to the market but have been selling like crazy lately. These herbal blends are marketed and sold as incense which means that they are not meant to be consumed by humans.These herbs are meant to be burn as incense as inhaled through the air, not directly through your throat.


The rumor spread like wildfire that when smoked, these herbal products provide similar effects to marijuana. Once this got out, people started to use these herbal incense mixtures as if they were substitutes to marijuana in efforts to receive the same effect. These herbal incense have been compared to actual cannabis so much, people started to recognize these blends as synthetic marijuana.

To some consumers this term is misleading and others believe that these products serve this purpose. Some of the various herbs that are included in the average K2 blends are canavalia rosea, clematis vitalba, and nelumbo nucifera. The interesting fact is that when these herbs are smoked individually, they provide little to no effects on the body.  

The Synthetic cannabinoids that were said to provide these marijuana-effects have been under scrutiny and are pending federal bans in the United States. There are already several states in the United States and various countries that have banned the chemical compounds sprayed on these herbs mixtures.

Although these chemicals may have the potential to be abused, the substances used to create the pot-like effects have been scheduled to be controlled and not criminalized. These herbal smoking blends have become so popular, many employers are searching for ways to implement tests for these synthetic cannabinoids.

Regardless of how you intend to use your herbal incense mixtures, make sure that you adhere to your local law enforcement and use only as intended. Enjoy!

K2 Incense Reviews

K2 Incense Reviews

Have you been searching for reliable incense reviews to help you better understand what’s included in these herbal smoke blends? K2 incense products are developed of a unique mixture of botanicals and herbs that is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. Not all herbal smoke products have synthetic cannabinoids included, but many of them do.

K2’s Solid Sex blend is one of the known herbal incense blends that do not use any chemical substances at all. The ingredient that are said to provide the physical effects is Epimedium. This substance is better known as Horny Goat Weed and is one of the main ingredients of K2 Solid Sex blends. 

Some of the herbs that are used to produce K2 are some of the common items that you see every time to make a visit to the grocery store or something you order with your dinner at your favorite restaurant. Some of these common ingredients include items such as cinnamon, nutmeg, oregano, ginger and thyme.

The botanicals that are used in some these herbal smoking incense are taken from different sections of of the plant or at times the whole plant. The parts of the plants included in botanicals can vary and include any part of the plant down to the root. In some cases, the root of the plants are used as well as the leaves, flowers and fruits that the plant produces.

The parts from the plants are then squeezed, chopped, crushed or processed any other way. Some of the common forms of processing botanicals are chopping up leaves from a plantor peeling or grating of the roots. Some of these ingredients are crushed so that the juices from the plant can be extracted or chopped finely.

Synthetic cannabinoids and other chemicals may be applied by spraying or coating the herbal mixtures and letting them dry. This process allows the herbal blends to soak up the compounds while conserving the aroma that the herbs and botanicals release. When burned these incense then provide a relaxing sensation while omitting appealing fragrances.

There are other forms of K2 products such as K2 Thai Dream and Amazonian Shelter. The Thai Dream is a pill form of K2’s unique blend which is meant to be added to water and vaporizes and the K2’s Amazonian Shelter is a liquid form of this popular brand which is used as liquid to dip incense rods into.

K2 Incense Ingredients

K2 Incense Ingredients

K2 Incense products are blends of herbs and other botanicals that created a unique blend with captivating aromas. The K2 incense ingredients in your specific blend with vary depending on the intended aroma and level of potency. Some of the common natural ingredients that are utilized to influence the scent of these herbal incense blends are canavalia rosea, nelumbo nucifera, clematis vitalba and other fragrant botanicals. These ingredients are mixed into a perfect aromatic incense blend and can be used for various purposes.

These K2 incense products are have been used in meditation activities to relax the mind, body, and spirit. There are six different blends of K2 incense accessible, and each product contains their own unique blend of botanicals and plants.

These K2 products have been utilized for both burning and smoking purposes. It has become extremely popular among users in the market because they provide quality herbal blends at affordable rates. These herbal smoke incense blends are also utilized in religious ceremonies, aromatherapy purposes, meditation purposes, medicinal purposes, and merely for filling homes with wonderful fragrances.

The initial release of K2 herbal incense blends featured the standard incense blend which has been modified to meet legal requirements as well as meet the needs of the consumers.

The Second line of K2 incense products is the K2 Citron blend. This blend contains natural citrus extracts as well as new and old herbal ingredients. This blend has been reported as best to be used in a home or office setting and not meditation or yoga settings.

The thrid line of K2 products was the K2 Blonde incense. Many users have reported that these herbal incense are the best for female and has become a favorite. The reason behind this is the sweet vanilla scent that permeates the area to relax and stimulate the mind.

The fourth blend of K2 products was developed with the K2 Blonde blend in mind and has a very sweet strawberry aroma to it. This blend is extremely delightful to smell and fairly potent. Although this blend is pretty potent, it is not overwhelming and still allows you to enjoy yourself.

K2 Incense For Sale

K2 Incense for Sale

Have you heard about K2 incense for sale? Since February of this year, certain synthetic cannabinoids used to develop synthetic marijuana are no longer available. The Drug Enforcement Administration has made the possession and sale of these compounds illegal for at least one year while they test them completely.

The DEA stated that they felt like this action was required to uphold public safety and heath. The initial announcement of this ban was back in November of 2010. This was made possible by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Department of Health based on their intentions of accessing the toxic levels of these compounds.  

There are at least five synthetic cannabinoids that were found in K2, Spice and other related  brands of herbal incense products. These synthetic cannabinoids are scheduled to be placed on the Schedule I controlled substances permanently. This categorized is compiled of dangerous drugs that are extremely destructive, have the potential to be abused, and serve no medicinal purpose.

These compounds have attained the attention of the Drug Enforcement Administration since they implemented an emergency scheduling to get them off of the shelves. These synthetic cannabinoids are produced in various countries overseas and are typically sprayed on these herbal incense mixtures. These herbal blends are then shipped to the United States and marketed as herbal incense or plant food.

Many of these herbal incense blends are sold to consumers as incense but some consumers find their own ways to burn them. Here at K2 incense effects, we certainly can’t regulated what you do in the comfort of your own home. With that being said, we do advise that you follow all of the instructions on the labels of your herbal incense blend.

There have been reports that describe the misuse of these synthetic marijuana blends as the causes of many hospital visits. Some of the common effects of misuse of K2 and related products are paranoia, nausea, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, vomiting, and seizures.

All of the earlier(and current) herbal smoking blends that include any of the prohibited synthetic cannabinoids are illegal in 18 states  and many other countries as well. Some may be shocked and others unmoved but there were even reports of misuse of synthetic marijuana in the U.S. military.

K2 Incense Effects

K2 Incense Effects

Herbal smoke blends have grown to be marketed as legal buds and have become extermely popular within the past few years. Depending on where you live, these K2 incense smoke products have become easily accessible in smoke shops and various other retailers. They have become as easy to buy as a cigar nowadays.

The perfect blend of herbs and other plant ingredients are sprayed with one or more sythetic cannabinoids that produce similar effects to THC. These products have increased in sales and users exponentially within the past 2 years and have been getting a lot of news coverage as well When inhaled, these chemicals are said to provide a relaxing euphoria and elevating sensation. These K2 products and other similar products are marketed to the public as herbal incense, but I’m sure we all know what most are doing with these blends.  

The name, K2 is a brand of one of most well known berbal blend that is being smoked by consumers. These herbs and botanicals have been noted to provide some of the same effects of marijuana when smoked, which is why these herbal incense products have become so popular. Some of the earlier blends of this brand and others were banned for included synthetic cannabinoid compounds that are potentially dangerous.

Some of the synthetic cannabinoids that were found in over 20 different brands of herbal incence products were JWH-018 and JWH-073. These compounds are similar to the effects of THC and bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Both of these compounds are commonly produced in China and is currently unregulated in the United States. Some of the most popular herbal incense products are known by names such as Genie, Red X, Dawn, Kush and Space Cadet.

Regardless of how you intend to use your herbal incense products, you should make sure that you get the best herb. Stay away from unprofessional and unreliable dealers and use these herbal incense wisely.